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stoneStone Sculpture


Both pieces of sculpture were done at a workshop in India. They are executed in red sandstone and black marble. In combining the two materials I tried to emphasize the multifaceted aspect of the human condition in the individual and in the larger society. Both works invite engagement with the viewers as they can walk around, through, and under the work. Believing that sculpture should be part of everyday life, I included two stones so that viewers can sit down by the work. I celebrated the natural aspect and texture of the stones as they came from the quarry, modifying texture and shape only when necessary to suit my design.


From Mathura to Orkney
Inspired by stone sculptures on the Scottish Island of Orkney and from Mathura, India, this work utilizes the natural aspect of the stone as it came from the quarry. Myrna added unexpected contrast with the sparing use of black marble. This work allows the viewer to walk around the five pieces of stone and to sit on two other stones.

Pillars range in height from 3’ to 7’ covering a space 14' in diameter.
red sand stone trimmed with black marble


Defying Convention
This sculpture has elements that are both incongruent and parallel at the same time. The sharp contrast between the red sandstone and black marble lacks subtlety whereas the surfaces of the two stones are subtly textured. The space between them allows the viewer to look to the other side of the sculpture

7' x 5’ x 6'
red sandstone and black marble


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June 5, 2008
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