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Moving Around
Demand for variety results in the constant movement of the women.

from The Demand Factor: Buying Despair
Woodcuts, etchings, and collages by Myrna Balk

The Demand Factor

gate to
"Gate To"
Woodcut hand-colored
8" x 10"


perilous journey
"Perilous Journey"
Aquatint etching
9" x 16"

“The girls and women who have pimps are often moved around the country in much the same way that trafficked individuals are moved. The pimps move them from place to place away from family and friends into a situation in which they have no system of support. They are shuttled from escort services to massage parlors to the street, wherever the pimp wants to take them.

Movement is essential also because customers demand novelty...there are national and regional circuits in which prostituted women and girls are rotated among cities, ensuring customers variety and sex-industry entrepreneurs control.” (Demand Dynamics: The Forces of Demand in Global Sex Trafficking Conference Report, October 17-18, 2003 Chicago Il. Organized by Captive Daughters and the International Human Rights Law Institute, DePaul University of Law.)

(From Sex Trafficking of Women in the United States. International and Domestic Trends: Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.)


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June 8, 2008
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